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Sourcing East

3 Lyndhurst Rise


Essex IG7 5BB

(A division of Property and Development Ltd)

Phone: +44 208 500 6142

Phone : +44 207 538 1571

Mobile: +44 79509 389 69

E-mail: info@sourcingeast.com


Independent Sourcing

Identify manufacturers/intermediaries to supply from China according to specifications and samples

Complete background research of financial strength, size, connections, reputation, certifications, testing, standards, production processes and quality controls,

Obtain counter samples and brochure, opening prices for ordering

Order taking

Check buyer order requirements are properly clarified and corresponding steps taken by supplier such as checks, testing or certification are completed as agreed ready for production and delivery.

Check orders are satisfied and discharged at agreed prices and quality and subject to agreed terms of supply

Site visits and communications

Assist with site visits transport, accommodation

Assist with translation , negotiations, and communications in general


Check intended delivery during production process and when ready for delivery matches order according to pre-agreed quality control criteria

Ensure goods are shipped on time and in the manner agreed with appropriate documentation for Chinese and local customs as agreed

Disputes, misunderstandings,

Assist with translation and communications

Assist with efforts to reach compromise and resolution